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        Make better business decisions with
        intellectual property data at your fingertips

        Ideas | Research | Product development | Commercialisation | Protection

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        More than 8000 companies, government agencies and academic institutions in 28 countries use PatSnap for invention, innovation intelligence and patent analysis

        Sensors & Robotics

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        Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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        Articles, studies, data and reports to help you get the most from intellectual property data, patent search and analysis.

        67id con视频在线

        IP analysis, visualisation and workflow tools for professionals at all levels of proficiency.


        Run all-encompassing searches on a worldwide patent databasecovering 130 million patentsusing an easy-to-understand and fully customisable interface.


        Search and analyse over 300 million protein, DNA and RNA sequences linked to 130 million patents, across all major patent jurisdictions.


        The Discovery platform brings millions of market, technology, and competitor insights to your whole innovation team, to accelerate research and development.


        Visualise trends across multiple, innovationfocussed data setsincluding patentsso you can easily make rewarding strategic decisions.


        Explore 114 million structures linked to over 130 million patents, REACH, US FDA, clinical trial, Chinese FDA and European EMA regulatory information.


        We are now making our trusted global datasets available programmaticallyso you can easily add patent and legal data into your own applications and tools.

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